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"...and so the greater the mass of the object, the more gravity it exerts. Take the moo..."

"But my religion says that Grifnickle hold us down to the earth by blowing kisses"

"Oh, well, yes, that is certainly a possible explanation. But if we stay with Newtonian..."

"I think clouds use laser guns to keep everything in place"

"Er, how do lasers... Well, I mean, that is a wonderful idea, and I am sure it is true also. But this calculation can tell us how fast to shoot this..."

"Fairies can glue our feet with morning dew!"

"Yes, they can! And rockets can escape earth's gravity if they trav..."

"The clouds shot my ice cream into the morning dew and it splattered."

And so, Professor Dawkins II is forced to admit defeat in the above "Oxford of 2015" class dialogue. The good news is he was able to send the class off a cliff yelling "Catch me, fairies" while he watched, sipping a pina-colada and humming Jimmy Buffet songs.

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