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I don't think previous campaigns go far enough. The aim of getting the occasional non-religious voice on TFTD is simply a mild dilution of the current formula. It will still be dominated by blokes in frocks telling us all that we're responsible for all the recent ills of the world.

I propose that TFTD be retained, but completely reformed. Each day we should have someone who faces genuine moral dilemmas: a nurse in a busy A&E ward, a policeman on a community beat, a primary school teacher with a class that speaks half a dozen languages. There are no end of people with interesting moral and ethical perspectives that we never hear from.

I say make the theologians and holy book specialists an occasional minority. Let's make TFTD the truly inclusive and inspirational slot that it could be.

The BBC will, of course, ignore this suggestion, because the 'Department of Religion and Ethics' is really a 'Department of Religion and More Religion' and is determined to keep its foot in the door on the Today programme.

Sun, 04 Jan 2009 22:04:00 UTC | #297506