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27. Comment #314623 by Santi Tafarella

No. I'm sorry, no.

This article fails because of the 'God of the Gaps' argument. Can't explain something? Say 'God did it'. There. Problem solved.

Except it isn't. It isn't because you'll never know when science will end up explaining it.

In order to introduce something into the science classroom, it MUST be testable. There MUST be evidence.

Please come up with evidence that God exists. I take it, since you're an agnostic, that you can't.

Newsflash - neither can anyone else.

The correct thing to say to science students would probably be 'We cannot currently explain how the universe was created.' There. That's it. That's all you need.

If you wish to go further, you might try outlining various theories, but these theories must be backed up with some kind of evidence. Of which theism has none.

In fact, suppose God did create the universe. How? How would we even be able to recognise this? How do you test for a supernatural claim? What other supernatural claims have been tested and proved correct? (Hint: none)

Really, theism should be kept out of the science classroom because it isn't science.

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