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Veronique, I find what you say really interesting, I suppose now that I am a bit older its the thought of someone messing with the old chap in that way just seems soooooo painful! But then some men get Albert rings which I simply cannot comprehend, sounds ghastly to me but to some men its fine!
Never had a problem with the gunk, NJS put it brilliantly!
I guess its all down to choice and I would advocate letting the person whose old chap it is decide if that's the way they want to go. I am not a parent and never will be so I don't think I will ever truly understand, but like religion, this sort of thing really should be a personal choice when the kid is old enough and has all the evidence. I think I understand what you mean when you say "it was the thing to do" at the time and that you are used to your blokes like that. I can only say as a bloke who has one, the thought of even going running without one would cause untold pain and possibly embarrassment as well hehehe!

Tue, 17 Apr 2007 03:52:00 UTC | #29989