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Binlid: you can get away with your life when taking the piss out of christianity in public and elsewhere but try it with Islam and see what happens . I think that was the point the fat guy from tv was trying to make . paula
Yes, I know what point he and the others were trying to make: they make it constantly. The real point is that, as the church spokesman cited in this article has spotted, this slogan isn't specifically anti-Christianity, it's anti-religion. Which includes Islam. Which makes their whinges about Christianity being picked on rather redundant, doesn't it?

Christopher Hitchens laughs at the way Christians keep dragging up the Hitler/Stalin argument: his response is that, when you're dealing with opponents whose best argument is, "Well, say what you like about Christianity, at least we're not as bad as Hitler", you know you've already won. The same has to apply to these comments about Islam, wouldn't you think? "Well, say what you like about Christianity, at least it's not as foul as Islam" isn't a STRONG case, is it? Try standing up in court sometime and telling the judge, "Well, it's true that I stabbed my mother, but at least I didn't hack her to bits with a pickaxe" and see how far it gets you.

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