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there was an interview with Ariane last night (8th Dec) on radio 5. she was interviewed because christian voice were complaining to the advertising standards agency over it, citing misrepresentation or false advertising.

The idiot christian voice guy actually said that the advert was offensive because Ariane couldn't substantiate that there was no god. She laughed, and by the same token the interviewer asked, then shouldnt we be asking all churches that have 'Jesus Lives' on their placards to take them down becuase they arent substantiated?

He didnt have much of an answer to that but kept on about unsubstantiated case for no god. each time christian voice reaer their ugly heads they make christianity look more and more stupid, they are their own worst enemies.

Ariane was courteous and explained the ad well, even stating that it was a counter response to all religion not just christianity.

I will see if i can find the story or sound clip. Try BBC radio 5 live anyway, it was on 5 live drive programme

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