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← Methane discovery suggests presence of life on Mars, say Nasa scientists

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Slightly misleading article i think.

There are at least 2 sources for methane, either biological or geochemical.

A process known as serpentisation when olivines or pyroxenes react with water methane can be produced. More investigation needs to be done on the geological activity of the planet first before saying its proof of life. As many of you have already pointed out look at the rest of the gas planets and atmospheres in their respective satellites.

Sometimes there is too much speculation going on about Mars while i can see the benefits of this to engage the public, it is always an anti-climax when these reports are found to not to be proof of life at all. Look at what happened when 'fossil microbes' were found during the 90's.

I think there is a slight danger of scientists as well as the public wanting to find proof of life so much that it could bias the actual facts. I have no doubt however that those investigating Mars are always skeptical and require an abundance of evidence before any strong conclusions can be made.

I wish that during my life time humans would set foot on the planet and establish a base where they can do some good hard science, or remote technology gets to a point where much larger and more sophisticated testing can be done.

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