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8. Comment #325144 by scottishgeologist - AARRGGHH! Who do I have to (insert casting couch joke here)to be allowed to hunt these people down and perform non-elective brain surgery on them?:

While it is true that ignorant and immature Christians have in the past demonised the Jews as ‘Christ killers’ and thus contributed to their persecution, the Holocaust of World War II along with the horrors of Stalinist and subsequent Soviet regimes were the direct outcome of godless atheism. The point I am making is that atheism is not a harmless and benign belief that we should encourage. It is lethal.

How many times do we have to debunk the same specious argument?

Edit: SG and what are you doing surfing the internet for this sort of mental smut, anyway? ;-)

Wed, 21 Jan 2009 11:28:00 UTC | #309923