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Well, Santi has a point about the creeping limitations of 'offensiveness'.

I went on a demonstration against the Government's City Academies initiative, with a deeply witty banner of my own construction: No to Shitty Academies! (See what I did there?)

Two police officers came over and told me I 'could' be committing a public order offence, as somebody might be offended. Had anybody been offended? They told me that didn't matter.

I was still umming and aahing over whether to make a stand for free speech (and get arrested!), when the demo's organiser told me that the police wouldn't let the parade go ahead till I put away my childish thing. So for the Greater Good I did so (though of course relieved to be levered out of my quandary!).

The officers conceded that if my banner had had Sh*tty instead of Shitty, it would have been fine. Go figure.

Wed, 21 Jan 2009 12:35:00 UTC | #309954