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The ASA has obviously filed away the childish complaints of Stephen Green and the cut 'n' paste cretinism of Clifford Longley in the proper place - the waste paper bin.

Epeeist has raised an interesting point on the Guardian blog. Who is funding Stephen Green? Did he pay the legal fees owing from his attempt to ban "Jerry Springer - the musical"?

I think that it worth asking this because although other Christians like to say that he is an extreme fundamentalist and only represents a tiny minority of Christians, he is obviously receiving donations from somewhere.

My feeling is that the "tiny minority" is far larger than Christians want to admit to. Compared to donations for the atheist bus ad (which relied on a large number of small donations from many people), I can only assume that there are a few very large donations from very wealthy fundamentalist or that there are far more Christians who are as mad as Stephen Green and share his opnions.

This deserves further investigation.

Wed, 21 Jan 2009 12:41:00 UTC | #309958