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'While it is true that ignorant and immature Christians have in the past demonised the Jews as ‘Christ killers’ and thus contributed to their persecution,....'

Take these inflammatory remarks from a Papal Encylical ordered to be read out in Roman Catholic Churches in Nazi Germany...

'....he denies his faith in the true Christ, such as He appeared in the flesh, the Christ who took His human nature from a people that was to crucify Him...'

Which people did Jesus take his human nature from?

The previous section had claimed this about the Jews... 'But side by side with innumerable touches of greatness and nobleness, they also record the story of the chosen people, bearers of the Revelation and the Promise, repeatedly straying from God and turning to the world. Eyes not blinded by prejudice or passion will see in this prevarication, as reported by the Biblical history, the luminous splendor of the divine light revealing the saving plan which finally triumphs over every fault and sin.'

So God triumphed over the fault and sin 'of the chosen people', who were 'repeatedly straying from God'.

Notice that the story of the chosen people went 'side by side' with stories of greatness and nobleness. First you get the story of the chosen people then the story of greatness and nobleness, then back to the story of the chosen people...

And the very next section says Jesus took his human nature from a people who were to crucify him.

And this was sent to churches in Nazi Germany!

The Jews were about to go into the fire and the Pope ordered petrol to be sent to fuel anti-Semitism.

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