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HURRAH! It is very rarely you see anyone debunking the big lie that says science can tell us nothing about values (Bronowski did 30 years ago and more, but most people have forgotten, or never heard of him).

The Big Bang doesn't tell us how to live our lives? It tells us that if we want to know whether the universe carries evidence of such a thing, we need to avoid fooling ourselves. Science provides "scant counsel on same-sex marriage?" It does tell us that if we call same-sex relationships "unnatural" then we must fool ourselves into classifying much of what does exist in nature as "unnatural".

We must act in such a way that what is true may come to be known to be true. That is the ethical imperative of science. Lies and self-deception poison both science and democracy.

Tue, 27 Jan 2009 11:20:00 UTC | #313020