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...getting cross because some people believe in God - well, what's that got to do with science? No believer can prove that God exists: isn't faith rather the point? And no scientist can prove that He doesn't.

Wrong. "God: The Failed Hypothesis" by Victor Stenger.

How many times do we have to be told that "goddidit" and find that no, it (whatever) can be shown to have happened naturally, before the supernatural god-hypothesis becomes so improbable that to cling to it is just perverse? Right, no scientist can prove that god doesn't exist, and neither can it be proved that a unicorn doesn't exist, but science can indeed prove that a natural world is very probable, and a supernatural world is very improbable. To ask for more than this for the god hypothesis is special pleading. Nothing else in the scope of all human knowledge is known to be absolutely true.

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