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Chapter 3 of The God Delusion lists, and criticizes, all the arguments for the existence of gods that -- as far as I am aware -- theologians have ever advanced. These are Thomas Aquinas's five 'Proofs', the Ontological Argument, the Argument from Beauty, the Argument from Personal Experience, the Argument from Admired Believers, Pascal's Wager, and Bayesian Arguments. If anybody learned in theology knows of any arguments that I have left out, please let's hear them.

Hi Richard, I'd like to see mention of the Transcendental Argument for the existence of God (TAG). Its an awful argument, but one that seems to be gaining in popularity among online evangelists. Its also one that can be quite baffling when one first comes across it, so I think it's worth examining. It looks as though Kant formulated the first version of TAG.

@rod-the-farmer: It's a good point. I try to use 'Evolution Theory' rather that 'The Theory of'. I think that conveys its solidity a little better.

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