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Sam Harris's comment took some careful reading on my part, to be honest - and I'm still only 90% sure than he's actually putting out some multi-layered sarcasm there. I mean, asking "Why is the world organized in such a way that we can walk upon it?"... that's heavy, dude!

I don't hold out much hope of any comprehensive reconciliation between science and religion. That's not to say that individual people can't do both, but I think its epistemologically correct to say that if you're doing science, you're not doing religion - and vice versa. You can do just about anything in your head, but once you get out of your head in to the real world, you soon find yourself getting down to basics: what works, or not?

ps: in a weird coincidence, I'm listening to an interview with Jerry Coyne right now: not on the topics of science or religion, but regarding a botfly maggot he had embedded in his head ... in the Radiolab Podcast episode "Yellow Fluff".

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