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Atheists: "Persons who have noted that no gods or other supernatural forces need be hypothesized to build a coherent understanding of the origins and development of the universe as we see it now, and have concluded that it is highly unlikely that any such invocation of the supernatural will become necessary in the future."

Darwinists: "Persons who have noted that evolution by natural selection, as described by Charles Darwin and as elaborated by many others building on the work of Darwin, Wallace, and others, provides the best explanation for the existence of life as it exists today on Earth, and have concluded that it is highly likely that the further understanding of biology will continue to build on this foundation."

I quite understand why theists and evolution-denialists would want to make the words "atheist", "naturalist", "evolutionist" and "Darwinist" into pejorative slurs; why atheists and evolutionists would want to help them to do so eludes me.

And the argument that we should forget the scientists who first discovered the principles that help us to understand our natural world, and the process by which they convinced themselves that they had glimpsed a bit of the truth about reality, is, to my mind, a dangerous step on the way to turning science into a myth-ridden religion. Of course we have much better evidence for evolution now than Darwin had, but we forget our common intellectual past at our peril. Science is not the world -- it is our very human historical exploration of the world. To pretend otherwise is to invite delusions of a magically perfect worldview.

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