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It's ingenious, certainly.

At the risk of getting flamed, though, this rather misses something important: bitchiness. As a vast and sweeping generalisation, such as the author's, women do tend to seek out each other's support more than men, but they are also more ready than men to snipe at members of that same support group behind their backs. (I read recently that there are evolutionary reasons for this too - anyone have access to that?)

The point is, you don't actually need to buy into the group belief system. You only have to conform - not rock the boat. Following Prof. Cornwell's logic, a woman would gain maximum reproductive advantage by appearing to conform and then reproducing with the rebel's genes, much as married women are more likely to have sex with another man during their period of maximum fertility.

How do you show that actually being prone to religiosity, as opposed to being good at feigning it, is an advantage?

Tue, 17 Feb 2009 03:40:00 UTC | #325954