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21. Comment #341818 by JohnC

Yes, you are right John, it is anecdotal, but in my 50 years of life and living in several different countries and cultures, I have found that it is overwhelmingly females who find solace in astrology and are interested in the "spiritual" side of life. I also see evidence of that in most book stores or libraries I visit, as it is literature that is decidedly gender related. I would be interested in what other people here on this site have experienced in their lives, although I suppose it depends on what circles one subscribes to.

However, as you correctly said, this is anecdotal, and I was just showing an interest based on my own life experiences, but you have me interested and intrigued now, and I will see if I can find some hard evidence that either supports my observations, or otherwise.

Tue, 17 Feb 2009 05:36:00 UTC | #326041