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Thanks for the explanation Josh.

I hope you don't mind my asking, it's just a question I've had brewing for a while now. (Ever since the uncut interviews from Enemies of Reason started appearing in fact.) That was the next dvd I was thinking of buying (I already have both "Voices" DVDs and the 4 horsemen).

I suppose the point I was making was the decision to buy would now be driven by a desire to support RDFRS or just to own the dvd and have access to it offline, rather than purely curiosity about content.

I don't intend to judge the difference I just meant to note (Like Ewald noted #345446) to becoming aware of the difference.

I do applaud the sentiment of maximising the opportunities for education and discussion and understand (now) what the intention behind the releases is.

Thanks for the taking the time for clarifying my thinking about it. I appreciate it.


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