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I have always loved D&D and fantasy role play genre. I used to be a GM as well as a player, and had a campiagn run for three years real time, 15yrs game time.

Anywho, the type of character i always played was a cleric, odd since i was basically agnostic/atheist since i can remember (full on atheist for the past 20yrs though).

As many have already said, there is a clear divide by what is fantasy and what is reality. I have no problem playing games or reading books with oodles of magic and gods in them, because it is fantasy and not pretending to be anything else. The problem with religion is that it is clearly fantasy masquerading as reality, and non-too well either.

I still read sci-fi and fantasy, Asimov, Eddings, Jordan and Gemmil being my favourites. I can quite happily read these books being an atheist. If only the bible was written in any semblance of decent grammatical english i might get past chapter 3....

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