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Of course they misquote Richard. He says there is almost certainly no god. They say that there certainly is a God and they speak for him. They have to misrepresent Richard's claim as a dogma like theirs in order to avoid admitting that, as a hypothesis, their God fails miserably.

So "Catholic doctrine" and/or "the message of the Bible" have once again been declared to be compatible with evolution. Ho hum. Doctrine and the Bible can never be incompatible with any findings of science, because, as the Vatican theologians said, Christians believe that God "created all things". No mere observation or application of reason can ever touch that, since they don't hold it as a theory, but as a matter of faith, carrying a probability of one.

Meanwhile scientists, who understand that no human knowledge has a probability of one, and who are interested in pushing the probabilistic knowledge of science ever further, will continue to find the naturalist hypothesis most fruitful, and will continue to advance our understanding of the nature and evolutionary origins of our consciousness, our sense of morality, and the material mechanisms behind all that the Christians believe that God created. And the Church will (with some indigestion) continue to absorb all of the findings of science, piece by piece. And after each bout of indigestion, they will stagger back, and hold yet another conference to once again declare that it all is compatible with their supernatural beliefs. Their top-down "theory" of origins will continue to be falsified again and again in favor of the bottom-up theories of evolutionary science, and yet they will continue to cling to their mantra that, nevertheless, "goddidit".

But while their theory, transmuted into dogma, is compatible with everything, it suggests nothing, and does not inform any research. Until the Catholic Church and the Discovery Institute publish some research that demonstrates how their theory of an unevolved intelligence has led to the discovery of a new aspect of the physical world that can be most probably best explained in terms of that theoretical intelligence, their theory that "God created all things" will continue to be a failed theory.

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