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The authors comment "how to keep secularism out of church" and the general tone of the piece strikes me as the usual "help help we're under attack" type of talk that tends to come from Christians that persistantly believe they are being chased by lions. Whether or not these 'lions' the author mentions happen to be a real threat to this group, I do not know.

I think the author is somewhat erm... less informed with the statement "If American churches come under more of the influence of the movement of the Holy Spirit in Africa and Asia, this will be a good thing." I think it is unlikely that any religious group unique to an African or South American culture would be well suited to the enviroment found in North America; although, I say that with just cultural differences in mind. The finer points of Christianity in South America and Africa, for all I know, may very well be perfectly happy and prosperous in the US as described by the author.

All in all, I'd like to see some kind of attendance data, or more hard evidence to support the claims. Otherwise it just looks like baseless doomspeak because someone had a bad day at the office.

Wed, 11 Mar 2009 21:36:00 UTC | #335109