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This is the same kind of doomsday nonsense I heard when I was still with a church. A few years ago, they came out with the 4% statistic. Basically (and I dont know all the details) some Christians took a survey that seemed to show that the number of youth in this country who were commited to God and the Bible was only 4%. Now we could only wish, but in accuallity this is no where near the truth. Christians love and I mean LOVE, to pronounce there own doom in the hope that it will motivate people to work harder at there faith.

While I agree that if the polls are correct then the church has been losing a fair amount of numbers, I would not be surprised if they all turned out to be those half baked Christians that would go out of habit. Thank mainly to Bush and the religious right, its just not in still right now to be a Christian and its showing.

However Pastors like Rick Warren are already talking about moving the churches agenda away from the culture war and to much less controversial issues like fighting poverty. Where else to you think people are going to turn to as things get worse here, this Recession and possible depression will great things for the church.
Which goes to show Christianity's greatest strength, (most ironically) its proven able to evolve, and adapt. They will go down, but before you know it, they will be right back up, and stronger than before.

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