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I eyed it through rather quickly but at a first glance I found it surprisingly aware of how culture works and have worked for thousands of years.

Culture works just like evolution, ideas that cannot adapt and even try to challenge change will die out. Unintellectual conservatism die because it have no more nutrition than nostalgia and nostalgia die natural deaths along with it's host. You cannot pass on nostalgia to a new generation.

Swedish Christianity is strangely resilant... so resilant that the majority of all Christians are atheists and the majority of all supporters for Christianity are atheists. This is because they have adapted so much that they are now pretty much a humanist organisation that both do good and have the universal recognition as a "do-gooder". Even the humanist organisation of Sweden have been forced to consider the Swedish Church as an ally rather than an enemy, that's how adapted it is. If a Swedish Christian is pushed about American Evangelicalism you often get the reply "That's not Christianity".

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