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This is a ridiculous navel gazing analysis. The CSM is so americo-centric. Instead of realising that maybe, just maybe, the US has chosen to re-join the rest of the 'western civilised' planet.

A planet where christianity is largely already a historical anomaly. Yes we still suffer from its death throes but that is in reaction to post-christian governments and beliefs in many of the bulwarks of western christian civilisation.

Yes there are issues in countries that are not so far along the church life-cycle (mostly those that had christianity shoved down their throats by those who have now given it up). There are issues when societies have to cope with other incoming religions also earlier in their life cycle.

But christianity is basically dead in the 'western world'. Its churches, music, holidays etc are still worshipped. But God is kept out of decision making circle in government, business, home and especially bed.

When God is invoked there is trouble with the majority. And it is God that is mostly on the backfoot (even the Vatican agrees with that!). Blair was our (UK) anomaly and (thank God:) he is gone even if we have to eventually sort out his faith-school damage.

So welcome to the 21st century USA. I had my doubts about Obama, but this might just be the guy to ease the pain of the transition.

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