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"Christianity loves a crumbling empire."

this time christianity IS the crumbling empire.

I want to point out, this gentleman was the chaplain at the baptist boarding school i grew up at and still is currently according tho the location heading the article.

While the school itself i will someday begin a thread about in the forum that will be nothing less than teh epics, for now i will just say Mr Spence is not your typical evangelical Christian, has worked with many many troubled children in the 20 years whose parents would have dealt with them worse in most cases as far as brainwashing/proselytizing is concerned , and you can probably be glad that it is he who holds his position compared to who it might have been,

I dont think he is too far off with the dates either.Ten years from now is a long time when as time passes,the changes will occur faster and faster and require less time to do so.

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