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In my opinion science is not well taught in schools. It's fairly common place now to have a science teacher with only a basic understanding of the subject let alone a degree, or even first yr undergraduate training.

When i was at school at least the science teachers had degrees in the subject they taught. I still didn't like a few of them because the teachers were boring and it was clear they'd rathet do more intersting stuff, but that's a different issue.

However, there was aphysics teacher who clearly loved the subject and was boisterous and loud and was passionate about what he taught. I wasnt allowed to choose physics at school because i had already gone for chemistry and geography, but because of that teacher i became interested and took the after school classes he ran.

Enough about my history, what i'm trying to say is that effective communication has always been at the heart of teaching, and with so many pyschologists and general cowing to the lowest common denominator the kids just dont havea clue wahts going on.

The best teaching i had was from the Open University, their books are so well written, so well communicated that i could understand easily what was being said. The techniques to imparting information and keeping interest were excellent. Indeed to the point where i gave up work and studied geology at university with absolutely no previous knowledge of the subject.

While at uni the next best thing was a Spanish teacher who managed to get 12 of us through an O'level pass in 6 weeks.

If the teacher is enthusiastic, and can communicate properly then kids will naturally want to learn more, and science would benefit immenseley.

So i guess anything that helps communicate science to people in a way that is interesting has got to be a good thing. You don't necessarily have to blind them with concepts only the academic can understand, its something ive been on about for a long time. I hope the AAAS do well.

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