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Indeed. the one panacea guaranteed to work is a bloody strong education in all subjects.

Teach them the verifiable facts, teach them scientific methodology. Teach them that there is beauty in the work of man and of nature, in the micro and the macro. Teach them comparative religion, philosophy, art. Teach them sport and recreation.

Let them be taught by the best minds in each of the subjects so that they get the most current and accurate representation of what reality is. (To the best of our knowledge). pay the good teachers handsomely and get rid of the bad ones.

Bring modern presentation and experiment into the class room. make it a place that young minds WANT to be.

Education is the single most important thing we can give to the next generation. Yet we let the politicians, and those with an addenda counter to the needs of the children, distort and monkey around with the development of any nations most precious asset. The next generation.

Education is EVERYTHING!!!!

Education is EVERYTHING!!!!

Education is EVERYTHING!!!!

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