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education at an early age is the answer but in america there is no shortage of available education.

It's a viscious circle, in order to catch a child young enough to be educated, you need to ensure its parents don't object, and often in order to do that, you'd need to catch the parents when they were young enough to accept education etc etc

one problem with having poor education (as many religious parents will have) is that you never learn the important things that these young toddlers are capable of picking up on, which is:

No matter how right you think you are, you may yet be proved wrong

this is one of the most important lessons available but religious indoctrination denies this fact strongly to the point of making a virtue of self-belief over evidence.

This is where catching them young matters (the jesuits knew this) once you introduce the reward of being "correct" with the punishment of self doubt and insecurity your work is done.

A child who learns the reward of surviving a chalenge to their intellect at an early age is unlikely to submit to such indoctrination

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absolutely, democracy allows us to be "right". ignorance allows us to misunderstand what democracy is

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