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That programme 'Did Darwin Kill God' was hilariously bad. But it was, as advertised, a polemic documentary by a Christian and not an even handed investigation. Not that it helps, but it's extremely hard to commission a non-polemic documentary in the UK these days.

Naturally the presenters views were ludicrous, summed up with the statement that, 'The battle between evolution and religion did not exist at the time of Darwin, it was invented by the fundamentalist creationists of modern america and not darwinists but ULTRA darwinists.'

Er. Okay. So the Creation Myth didn't exist before Darwin? He didn't struggle with the implications of Evolution by Natural Selection upon the story of religion and an interventionist God? It was all kicked off by modern day creationists who came out of nowhere was it? And now we have ULTRA darwinists do we? The sheer horror implied in the presenters voice when he said that reminded me of the Family Guy episode where the Texas media discount the Devil in fear of a new improved SUPER Devil with a better bike and more flames.

Bah. I in no way agree that science must 'frame' itself to accommodate anyone's philosophy but I'd happily listen to reasoned argument if it wasn't in this ongoing hysterical mode. This constant accusation of Richard Dawkins as strident has nothing on the accommodationist rantings. 'NOBODY DARE SUGGEST WE DON'T ALL AGREE!!!'

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