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Christianity in Germany has strong political power and gets a huge backup from the media.

The fact, that a german (hitleryouth guy- unbelievable!) is now pope - headline in the biggest german newspaper at that time: WE ARE POPE! - contibutes strongly to the power of the church.

Islam is also on the rise and gaining political power, stopping islam critical books, articles, shows,...

But I was also shocked that the public transportation companys didn`t allow the atheist-bus-campagne-signs. For years I had to see all the christian advertising in buses and trains (I am from stuttgart).

An annoucement for the german buscampagne here would be very helpful, as many germans on this site are not aware of the campagne.

Spiegel online had an article about it some weeks ago, which sent so much traffic to the buscampagne site, that it crashed.

But it has been quiet since then donations went down.

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