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48. Comment #359588 by aquilacane on April 3, 2009 at 7:00 am

That situation in Germany sounds like a call to protest. Of course, they know atheists aren't organized enough to actually protest. That's why they do it. I want to see German atheists out in the streets.

Convert the bus money to any other form of media that will carry the message, but change the message to an assault on the transportation authority. Pamphlet if you need to. Organize a rally and burn their bigoted hides.

Thats why I started a blog today under
which means "campaign for reason" in english.

I had the idea of creating something like wikipedia but with religious debate points. Something like we have on this site here, but in a more organized form like wikipedia, with reference links so that they can be directly used by people in online-arguments,... .

The blog is about finding people who would be willing to participate, organize, provide ideas,... .

So, if anybode wants to participate or has any ideas,... just drop by at Wiki-kampagne für Vernunft und Aufklärung

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