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Sorry, to be slightly off topic here. Just delete my post if it`s against the rules.

I started a blog today under
which means "campaign for reason" in english.

I had the idea of creating something like wikipedia but with religious debate points (in german). Something like we have on this site here, but in a more organized form like wikipedia, with reference links so that they can be directly used by people in debates,... .

My blog is about finding people who would be willing to participate, organize, provide ideas,... .

I think this is extremely necessary here in germany, seeing that nearly all german cities refused to run the german atheist bus campaign ( for those who don`t know)

So, if anybode wants to participate or has any ideas,... just drop by at

Once again sorry for beeing off topic, but at least it`s for a good cause.

Sat, 04 Apr 2009 08:27:00 UTC | #343804