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To defame all forms of superstition is a human right and a necessity.

Faith is the name people give to their own superstition while superstition is what they call the (different) faith of others. It's all superstition not based on any verifiable and testable evidence.

We have to defame all forms of religion, all forms of creationism, international bastions of pedophilia run by cross-dressing men, the nonsense that vaccines cause autism, even it less violent forms of alchemy, astrology, mercury retrograde, ...

We have to educate people from a young age in what we know about the universe, how life evolved in the universe and how to look at cause and effects through the meaning of statistics.

All superstitions claim truths like this: a farmer ponders why the sun comes up every morning and one day he realizes that the sun rises every morning after his rooster wakes up the farm => this his rooster makes the sun come up.

Anything can be explained by limiting the gathering of data to a small set. My child got vaccinated and then became autistic. That's all the proof I need. My friend lost her suitcase when traveling on a mercury retrograde day. That's all the proof I need. I prayed for someone who is sick and he got better. That's all the proof I need that my god exists. ...

Isn't it funny that we want the FDA to require double blind studies before approving drugs, that we want the government to require car crash tests before allowing car companies selling this car?

We need to fight all forms of superstition and no laws should stifle our freedom to ridicule superstition at infinitum.

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