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I have been vegetarian for years and I am always surprised when people ask me why.
I think a more reasonable question would be "Why are you not a vegetarian?"
I don't own a pet or like animals. But I feel it's not my right to have animals slaughtered for my eating pleasure. (note I am not talking about medicine research or any life-threatening kind of scenario).

I believe the burden is upon you to tell meat-eaters why it is wrong to kill animals.

Even across the atheist community, I think there is still a feeling that humans are the superior race somehow, may be remanent from the biblical vision that the world and its animals were somehow created for us. And as such we have a right to kill them (humanely preferably, so not to hurt our sensibility too much).

Interestingly, I suspect that in fact you are displaying a remnant from religious morality when you imply that killing is inherently wrong. I do not see this as a question of superiority. While there is a social need for humans to respect the lives of other humans (for the most part), this society need not extend to animals which do not pose a threat to the individual or to society and with which we cannot bargain.

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