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...I am always surprised when people ask me why.
I think a more reasonable question would be "Why are you not a vegetarian?"...

And why would one question be more reasonable than the other? This suggests that you think there is only one 'reasonable' answer, which is of course wrong.

...humans are the superior race somehow, may be remanent from the biblical vision that the world and its animals were somehow created for us. And as such we have a right to kill them (humanely preferably, so not to hurt our sensibility too much). That strikes me as odd...

Maybe it seems odd because it's not true. I don't want to pirate the discussion into a comparison of bumper-sticker reasoning for vegetarianism vs omnivorism, but I will say that considering it a open and shut case with only your own opinion left standing is interesting in the context of a free-thought forum. Perhaps you can start a topic on one of the fora and we'll see where it goes.


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