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As for the article... This resolution is in total opposition to the progress that humankind has made against tyranny over the past five centuries. This would be a gigantic step backwards in the direction of the dark ages.

Side-topic... There does seem to be some innate sense of “value of life” as the intelligence (and/or cuteness) of the animal increases. Even fundies are more likely to wince at the sight of cruelty to a chimp, a dolphin, a baby seal, or a dog. On the other hand, would an animal right’s activists think twice before swatting a fly or smushing a wasp? Is there some IQ or nervous system complexity threshold? Someone help me out here.

I personally love the taste of poultry. I’m not keen on killing a chicken to get it, but it doesn’t bother me that bad. I am opposed to cruel treatment of said chicken – but how do we define cruel? I DO NOT get my acceptance of meat-eating from any religious programming (I don’t think). I do think that I get my fondness of meat from my evolutionary ancestors. If I’m morally less-than for these opinions – what can I say... sorry?

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