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I've only recently heard of Peter Singer. He's posing quite a few challenging questions, including the ethical neccessity for people like me to give generously to charity. I'm still not sure I agree fully with him (for example I could cast away all my reserves today and then find myself and my family heading towards poverty in a few years of this recession - a bit of selfishness may be wise?)

He poses a similar challenge with vegetarianism. I'm not a vegetarian. It is perverse for humans to think themselves particularly special out of all species, but as a species we've competed for a hell of a long time and done well out of eating the meat of other animals. I am emotionally tied more to my kith and kin and for the sake of community I owe more to my closer fellow humans than to other animals. However, industrial farming is making less sense in the way it wastes available resources. If we could easily digest, it would make more sense to eat some crude oil for our calories than to get our calories from the crops we grow. Because we don't get more calories (compared to the calories invested) from the crops we grow. The waste of resources is even more stark in meat production. As an example, see:

Therefore, there are good reasons to consider vegetarianism, other than a compulsion to show that all other animals are just as important as any of the people we spoke to today.

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