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Comment #368108 by Ruggles:

Your comments do more than most to accentuate divides within the academy, polarise and marginalize thoughtful discourse and ridicule the entire notion of metaphorical, interpretive, or poetic meaning. Out of you, as James Joyce might say, a line of poetry could not be squeezed.

But theology doesn't claim to be metaphorical, interpretive or poetic. It claims to be true.

Who needs this kind of intellectual thuggery?

If I point out that it might be an idea to hold off discussing hoof rot in unicorns until we actually have a unicorn would that be "intellectual thuggery". On other threads we have a poster proclaiming the virtues of "Enlightenment Values", what he doesn't seem to cotton is that one of these values is the rejection of received authority. If this is intellectual thuggery then so be it.

Wed, 22 Apr 2009 07:28:00 UTC | #351570