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I want to say that this does make me feel dishonest (referring to my first post) and I agree with the poster who says it can cause mistrust later. I am from Arkansas and if you think Texas is bad...well...anyway, I am becoming much bolder (strident!) about explaining evolution to people -- in simple terms of course -- and now that I am thus chastened by some of you -- I will leave god out of it until they bring it up and then I will try to handle it more honestly.

I have one complete convert to my credit (unfortunately not a christian) but I will soldier on and keep up the good fight.

I can't tell you how much Richard has contributed to my level of courage. I look up to him and want to be as "intellectually brave" as I can. Also, on that note I want to tell Richard that I have a new way of finding the atheists among us -- just drop Richard's name in casual conversation. I found a fellow atheist at work by mentioning "this new book I'm reading by Richard Dawkins" and saying it is really interesting. No one knew who he was except one guy who came up to me later and asked, "are you an atheist£" To my reply he gleefully said, "so am I!!" I now have a new friend. Thank you Richard!

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