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Good stuff from Jerry!

I also admire the NCSE for their hard work (and for the fact that I'm on the 'Steve' T-shirt) but I abhor the way that Eugene Scott bends over backwards to stress that there is no conflict between religion and science because this is clearly not true. Similarly, as much as I admire the writings of Gould, I can never forgive him his introduction of the NOMA concept.

Richard has said that he is often criticised in the USA for his uncompromising view on this topic because it makes the job or organisations such as the NCSE more difficult. Richard has even said that he accepts this criticism and may change his approach in the future. I would actually encourage even more direct, no-holds-barred 'in-your-face' criticism of religion because it seems to me that books such as TGD have initiated a change in the 'Zeitgeist' that makes this increasingly possible in public.

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