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I am currently reading "Why Evolution is True" and getting quite a kick out of it, so first a quick thanks to Jerry Coyne. Having said that, I gotta tell Jerry the obvious. The NCSE's stated goal is "improving and supporting education in evolution and the nature of science, and increasing public understanding of these subjects." so it's not a huge leap to understand that they choose to do this by minimizing the obvious issues of science vs religion. If you know people are going to shoot arrows at a messenger with blond hair and your tribe all has blond hair, some might argue to dye your hair before you leave with the message.
I'm sure there has been great debate about this issue within the NCSE and some folks in the organization are reading this commentary saying, "Exactly correct!", while others and shaking their head and saying, "Yeah, sure. Let's go to the local school board and tell them what we are teaching directly contradicts their fundamental assumptions and beliefs regarding their lives. Let's see how much better science education will be after we drive that wedge between us."
Frankly I'm not sure what my stand on this issue is because I haven't given it a great deal of thought but it appears to me to be one of those issues where reasonable people may disagree on how best to approach a difficult task. Dealing with ignorant people is quite the pain in the ass.

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