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The doctrines attributed to Jesus are not ethical in the slightest - they merely encourage gross hypocrisy.

Since when is failing to defend oneself from unprovoked attack ("turning the other cheek") ethical behaviour? Dawkins claims to be an "atheist for Jesus", but if I were to walk up to him in public and punch him in the face, would he turn around and willingly be punched again on the opposite side of his face? No, he wouldn't. He would attempt to defend himself, or demand that the police do so on his behalf. He would then insist on my being subjected to the processes of the judicial system.

Atheism will not be served by adopting a de-theised version of Christian hypocrisy. Ethical doctrines - whether deontological, utilitarian, virtue oriented or some combination of these - should be argued on their merits, and not linked to the hypocritical doctrines of a possibly historical figure widely admired by delusional theists.

Sat, 05 May 2007 15:53:00 UTC | #35176