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RE: Comment #370325 by RightWingAtheist

"And what of all the communities where Jews are the powerless minority who send their kids to private schools, while a non-Jew-dominated school board forces them to pay into a public school system they do not use? Does the author offer the same level of concern?"

The public school system is set up so that it is free for anyone living in the area to attend, and as such everyone pays taxes to support it and other public institutions, eg. roads, sanitation. Any resident can then run for a board position if they choose to.

If you elect to pay to send your kids to private school, then that is your option, and your added bill - sorry, no whining. You can then be on that school board as well.

One might consider that you don't necessarily get a better education at private schools. In Canada at least, the pay is less than you would get in the public school system, and the job security is minimal (no union to help if there are any complaints, so you can be fired quite easily). So you trade off salary and security against 'potentially' more motivated/more respectful students/prestige of the school - unless you were a teacher who couldn't get a job in the public system (competence?).

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