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We (the developed world) need to provide economic aid with specific terms to focus the funds on secular education.
Good. Freaking. Luck.

Not that it's not a fine idea, but I think it speaks to the root of our problem. We somehow think that we can send billions of dollars over to other countries and let their leaders dole it out appropriately. I challenge anyone to provide an example in which this has actually worked, all by itself. There are two, maybe three, ways to deal with such a problem: 1) leave Pakistan to solve, or not, its own problems, and accept the consequences that may bring to us and the rest of the world, 2) completely take over the country and create an educational and judicial infrastructure. One. Or. The. Other. No action, or drastic action. This half-assed semi-involvement only perpetuates bad behavior, from the villagers to the legislators. One possible third option would be to have corporate NGO's go in and directly spend money on building schools, etc. But I haven't thought that through very much, and I'm sure there are reasons why that would not work.

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