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This was quite enjoyable! Interestingly, I feel life is rather common in the universe for one's tough. Where life in habitats that are rarified, life tends to be fragile (Tundra for example) and could easily become extinct. That it has the capacity to bounce back after extremes (and within extremes) implies a long universal history and laws that are as strong as those found in physics and chemistry. Convergent evolution also supports commonality. And, I think convergent evolution favors development of intelligence whatever that may appear to be. Also, life tends to be rather wasteful..not something I'd think you'd find if it were rare.
As to aliens creating and running least that's plausible within the framework of doesn't break any scientific "rules"...but it is unlikely to be true. However, "aliens" means just that. Our human constructs simply do not allow for our imaginations to travel beyond them...would we even recognize them if we met them? Did the Aztecs recognise Spanish Galleons on the horizon (no)? What we percieve and how we perceive is influenced by culture and biology. Species that are several million years ahead of us may be barely, if at all, recognized as biological organism. They may be artificial and very small..for example. And already here. There;s the old Gary Larsen cartoon of a hunter shooting a tin can off a fence post and the caption reading somewhat like "the first contact with an alien species unfortunately ended tragically..."
There is quite a difference between speculation and belief...and to speculate that aliens are here is quite different to believing they are...or that speculating "god" maybe be aliens is different from believing that they are so. That's how you keep you mind open to the possibilities rather than absolutely closed to them. Like religion does.

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