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Comment #377947 by andygaffey

While I support any attempt to expose pseudoscience for what it is, condemn "alternative therapists" who make unsubstantiated claims and any attempt to stifle free speech, I have to say that claiming that one of the problems is that chiropractors may "miss a tumour or other life threatening illness" is unfair. Three of my friends have died because doctors - real, qualified doctors - have "missed a tumour".

I have had very good treatment from an osteopath for a spinal problem, far better than any I have had from my GP. If he (the osteopath) failed to recognise cancer, I would not blame him any more than I would blame my dentist for failing to recognise that I was suffering from an ingrowing toenail - that is not his area of expertise.

Mon, 18 May 2009 06:46:00 UTC | #361304