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For Jesus, the inability to believe in God and to live by faith is the greatest of evils.
'You see the things that result from this are an affront to human dignity, destruction of trust between peoples, the rule of egoism and the loss of peace.

How strange....those are all things that I would have described as effects of religious belif, particularly institutionalised belief.

1. "affront to human dignity". .how about the belief that we are all born in sin and need forgiveness from the moment we arrive in the world? If this isn't an affront to human dignity I don't know what is.

2. "destruction of trust between peoples"...this doesn't even deserve a comment. Religious conflict between communities?. Enough said.

3. "rule of egoism"...witness the stupifying self-certainty of some people of faith. The anti-science creationist/ID nonsense in the US is an excellent example of religiously inspired egoism.

4. "loss of peace"...see 2. above.

One can never have true justice, true peace, if God becomes meaningless to people.

So I suppose that no pre- or non-christian culture is capable of true justice or peace.

I just hope that thinking readers can see this stuff for the (pardon me) crap that it is.

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