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Here's the comment I left on Ms. Gledhill's blog. I hope others here will leave theirs on her electronic stoop, too. Remember, complaining about it here at is not enough.

Merely "extreme," Ms. Gledhill? That's all? His statement calling atheism a greater evil than sin itself warrants nothing more from you than a bland, indirect characterization, "extreme?"

Your profile box indicates that you "offer your views on the issues of the day" in this blog. Have you no view - none whatsoever - about that vile statement? Had the statement been "Islam/Judaism/Hinduism is the greatest of all evils," would you have been so . . . blase?

As an atheist, it stuns me how socially acceptable it is for religious figures to hurl the most disgusting epithets at the faithless, provoking barely a whimper of public protest. To borrow from Sojourner Truth - ain't I a man?

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