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Incredible. Not to rise to the 'honorable' cardinal's defense, but it bothers me that some of you guys have called him evil. I take exception with that. Evil itself is 'supernatural' and is no more real than god and arguably wouldn't even exist as a myth if theism and other religions didn't exist. Using the word evil to denounce clergy actions, no matter how haneous those actions are, indirectly acknowledges the existance of 'evil' thereby acknowledging the existance of god. Do we really want to give the church credibility that they don't deserve?

Hey Sherri, maybe I've had a little too much wine, but I think evil exists. Say a priest found out that one of his fellow priests was sexually abusing young boys, but rather than reporting him to the proper athorities decided to inform his management, who then simply had the priest in question transferred to another location. I'd say that is pretty evil. Is the issue semantics?

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